John's Match Reports 2018/19

Round 13 12th & 13th January

DIVISION ONE     Twilight v Nth Districts at Don Klaebe Field 8.01.19     WON 6-5

After being behind all game, we pulled the rabbit out of the hat in the last two innings to record the win.  The Red's boys got a couple of homers in the early going, and we found ourselves down 2-5 with only two digs left to make up the difference.  But a Shane Allen double and Troy Nicholson's as well scored three to level the scores going into the last, and Theo's sac fly to bring home new kid Jackson Sowton saw us get over the line.  Jordy and Troy pitched, and the hits were : Troy Nicholson, Todd Dunstall 2, Shane Allen, Gary Owens, Wade Moore, Nathan Nicholson, Vic Benveltzen 1. 
DIVISION ONE     Away v Kensington 13.01.19     WON 4-2
Both pitchers were on top, with Gary's foot holding up, and he appeared to be pitching better than ever.  We took the lead in the third, when Theo got Vic home and Shane hit to score a second.  We held that lead until the sixth, when the Cards equalled on one of our rare errors for the day.  All square, and when Troy hit a biggie to the fence in the eighth to get Gary to third, we thought we were in with a big chance - but, no run. Jordy came on with immediate effect, shutting them down, and we had another crack in the last.  So, with Todd on, Shane Allen hit an extremely timely home run to put us a couple in front, and all we had to do was to hold them in their last, and that we did.  Always good to win out there.  Jordy got his win.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson 3, Shane Allen (HR) 2, Theo Lakmeche, Gary Owens, Vic Benveltzen 1.  It was beaut to see the koala up in his tree at the field, much to the delight of Theo's girlfriend from France, and Gary's partner and little girl from Germany.
DIVISION TWO     Away v Kensington 13.01.19     WON 19-2
The boys just got better as the game went along, scoring four, one, two, seven and five runs to completely overrun the opposition.  Andrew Chesterton put in a good performance on the mound and was beautifully backed up by his defence.  The bats really worked, and the hits were :  Troy Nicholson 4, Jackson Sowton 3, Kane Razis, Tom Dineen, Jarod Marsland 2, Matt Muegge, Joel Benham 1.
DIV FOUR - Unfortunately suffered a loss 3-16.
DIV SIX fared likewise, going down to GGCD 3-19 with single hits to Derek Milne, Ryan Boers, Jesse Whinnen, Nick McCormack and Craig Mortimore.
DIV SEVEN continue on their winning way getting over Adelaide 15-6.  The draw gets a bit harder from here on,  as there a a few sides going ok, all wanting to knock over the top team.  I get the feeling that our boys are relishing the situation.  Hits in this game  :  Behr, Garry 3, Cam, China, Sully 2, Flash, Cuz, Knuckles and Watto 1.  Behr led his team from the hill in fine fashion.
WOMAN'S LEAGUE  They had another win over strong opponents from the South 13-12, in a game that went right down to the wire, and was very exciting for the good crowd that turned up to watch the game, and to stay for dinner and the band night after, which was held in perfect, balmy conditions.  Louise Bartle got a hit and Kenzi St. George got three.

Round 12 5th & 6th January

DIVISION ONE     Away v Nth Districts     WON 10-0

Gee, it was good to get that winning feeling back again, and in an emphatic manner.  Gary was great on the mound, going into the game with an injured foot, and pitching the entire game - at one stage taking nine pitches to strike out three batters to put the side away.  Nine fresh air shots. The game started off tamely enough, and we got going in the fourth with good hitting from Theo, Shane and Gary, and Jordy chipping in with a couple of hits also.  But the best was yet to come in the latter stages of the game when first Shane Allen, then Wade Moore and finally Gary Owens all put over huge bombs, and these, together with good strong hitting all round, saw us comfortably home.  Hits  :  Gary Owens (HR) 3, Wade Moore (HR), Theo Lakmeche, Shane Allen (HR), Troy Nicholson, Jordy Grose 2, Nathan Nicholson 1.

DIVISION TWO     Away v Nth Districts     Lost 5-10

The boys took a while to shake off the Christmas/New Year blues, and we found ourselves ten down after two, before Vic came in to put the brakes on.  They didn't score after that, and we got into our groove and scored five.  Welcome to Woodville Jackson Sowton, who hit a nice triple in his debut with us, and welcome back to an old favourite in Rhys Owen, who belted in two runs with a biggie.  At this stage, it was discovered that the Red's teenage pitcher had exceeded his pitch count, so watch this space.  Hits  :  Tom Dineen, Vic Bentvelzen, Rhys Owen, Jackson Sowton, Troy Nicholson 1.

DIV FOUR  Had a poor day and lost to the powerful West Torrens side.

DIV SIX  Had another win, this time over Playford City away up Elizabeth way 4-0, with Keith Mortimore defying the calendar and pitching the whole game, ably backed up by his defence.  Hits  :  Derek Milne 3, Rachael Boers 2, Casey Moore, Aaron Petros, Ryan Boers, Jesse Whinnen 1. So, who has bragging rights in the Boers' household ?

DIV SEVEN  Played Goodwood at Goodwood, and came away with a fine win 23-0.  Never challenged at any stage, and with Sully supreme on the hill for the whole game, they really looked like the top of the table team that they are.  Keep it going guys.  Hits  :  Couz 3, Garry Marsland, Sully, Flash, Tim Russell 2, Dornie, Knuckles, Cam and Behr 1. 

22nd December

DIVISION ONE     -     v     Glenelg at Don Klaebe Field 22.12.18     Lost 4-11

Only three matches were played this round - "Showcase Round" - involving last years' finalists.  They were supposed to be played at West Beach, but a programming change saw them all held at Club grounds, to nobodys' disappointment.  We kept them scoreless in five of the nine innings, but couldn't match their hitting power in the other four.  Jordy did his damnest to  keep them in check and came out after five at 2-7 with a hint of a chance still begging.  Gary had to come out of the game after the third, which was a huge blow to our chances, when he came down heavily on his heel attempting a catch.  Both sides made a number of errors in defence, with ours proving costly.  Jordy proved he is no slouch with a bat in his hand, making contact with a nice bunt which eventually scored a run, Jack Higginbotham continues to get bat on ball, and Shane Allen and Troy Nicholson put the ball into play also.  But leaving runners on keeps on being one of our problems.  Hits  :  Shane Allen, Troy Nicholson 2, Theo Lakmeche, Wade Moore, Todd Dunstall 1.

Round 11 15th & 16th December

DIVISION ONE     -   v Port Adelaide at Home - Don Klaebe Field.     Lost 0-11

The Maggies made their intentions perfectly clear from the get-go, with their attack from the batter's box culminating with us catching them out by numbers in the first - seven, eight and nine.  Jordy Grose, who is having a good series in the Super League mid week, threw three solid innings, with the Nicholson brothers sharing the remainder.  But our hitting was the problem, with no-one looking like they were going to take the bull by the horns at any stage.  The Port boys were then able to just keep on building their total, and whilst we were able to put the brakes on them to a degree, they went on to an easy win.  Hits  :  Gary Owens 2, Feng Qiang, Jack Higginbotham, Todd Dunstall 1.

DIVISION TWO     -     v Port Adelaide at Home - Don Klaebe Field.     WON 7-3

Su was on the mound and in command, did three innings and came out giving us a handy 5-1 lead. Andrew Chesterton took over and continued to keep them in check, with everyone doing their bit - a pretty good team effort.  Fast becoming a cult figure, Jimmy Chu provided plenty of entertainment, with his energetic base running and all round good humour.  This team, if they keep a lid on it, are a finals chance.  Hits  :  James Chu 2, Wade Moore, Vic Benveltzen, Andrew Chesterton 1.

DIV'S FOUR, SIX and SEVEN  -  all had losses.  In the Sixes, Nick McCormack had a good one, striking out seven before leaving the mound at four all,  but the boys couldn't keep the momentum going and lost 4-10.  The Sevens lost only for the second time this season, failing by one run 5-6.

JUNIORS  -  the Under 17's chalked up a win in the Thursday evening fixture, when Gawler failed to send a team down, but couldn't beat Southern Districts on Sunday, and the Under 15's lost also.

After a short break over Christmas, Divs One and Two resume on Sunday Jan 6th, Divs Four, Six and Seven on Saturday Jan 5th, U17 and U15 on Jan 27th, U9 On Feb 3rd, and the Women kick off again on Friday Jan 11th.

Round 10 8th & 9th December 

DIVISION ONE     -     Away v Henley & Grange     8.12.18     Lost 2-8

Not a lot to say about this game, as it was decided by two opposition home runs which put five on to their score - enough to score the win.  Same guy hit them both, one in the third, and the second one in the sixth.  Our only claim to fame happened in the fifth, when Shane Allen powered one down the first base line for a stand up triple to bring in two runs, to keep us in the game for a while.  Had a brief moment in the seventh when Gary doubled, but got left on third.  Very disappointing loss, as there appeared to be not much between the two sides.  Hits  :  Shane Allen, Gary Owens, Wade Moore and Troy Nicholson - all singles.  Jordy and Gary shared the pitching duties.

DIVISION TWO     -     Away v H & G     WON 3-1

We began with Su on the mound (youngster from the Bite Academy), and he pitched his sixty pitches in four scoreless innings, before being relieved by Andrew Chesterton.  We scored in the fifth with Joel Benham's sac fly, and in the next Vic hit a double and Tom's bunt scored a run.  A few youngsters got their chances in this game, namely Ash Miller, Harrison Kiss and Joel Benham, so good luck boys in the times ahead.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson 2, Wade Moore, Tom Dineen, Vic Bentvelzen, Ash Miller, Andrew Chesterton, Joel Benham 1.

DIVISION FOUR     -     Lost narrowly to Adelaide 4-6.

DIVISION SIX     -     Played against a very strong Div Six team in Port Adelaide and held their own, but fell short 5-10.

DIVISION SEVEN     -     Had a relatively easy outing against the Adelaide Angels and won 21-0, with Behr going the distance.

U17 - Lost 8-15 against Sturt, but came back really well after a poor start, and matched them run for run in the latter stages.

U15 -  Only seven players managed to make the journey up to Gawler, but it was certainly worth it for the team and their parents, as they had a great win 10-9.

U9 - These little tackers had a ball against Port, winning 42-41.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE     -     The girls had a big win over Port 16-6 to keep their momentum going.  Hits  :  Louise Bartle 3, Meg Boers, Darna Veen 2, Shannon Hall, Kenzi St.George, Megan Brownbill, Tam Benham 1.  The girls all seemed to have a good time, both on the field and then off the field after the game.

Round 9 - 1st & 2nd December

DIVISION ONE     -     Away v GGCD     2.12.18     WON 3-2

Typical pitchers' game with their guy striking out thirteen of our batters, and Jordy really putting it to them with six innings for no runs, before handing over to Gary, who finished beautifully.  There was no score in the game until the bottom of the eighth, when the dodgers got a couple courtesy of a fly ball with runners on and a slight fumble.  Can't make a mistake when it's tight - they hurt.  But this was just the set up for the Grand Finale.  Top of the ninth -  Theo and Shane both hit to occupy first and second, and then the Man strides to the plate with intent written all over his face.  Gary goes bang! - over the right-field fence for the lead. He wasn't going to let it go, and cleaned them up in the last.  We had a couple of Bite Academy boys from China who helped out, and they hit the ball hard, and were welcomed into our unit.  Hits  :  Theo Lakmenche, Shane Allen, Gary Owens (HR), Jack Higginbotham, Feng Qiang, Vic Bentvelzen, Todd Dunstall.

DIVISION TWO     -     Away v GGCD     2.12.18     WON 6-4

Got off to a good start when Kane Razis hit a double and we got two home.  Nat Nicholson kept them at bay for four innings until he had to leave to keep us all safe, and Feng took over, followed by Andrew Chesterton.  We were in control all game, but the Dodgers kept plugging away and got a few late ones.  Hits  :  Nathan Nicholson, Kane Razis, Feng Qiang (HR), James Chu, Roger Huadancarairang 1.

DIVISION FOUR     -     Got hold of the winning feeling and ran with it to record their first win for the season 7-6 over GGCD.  Haven't any details, but Carly's boyfriend told me she played well.

DIVISION SIX     -     WON 10-9.  Well, this was the game of the week - no - game of the year - no, wait - game of the century in Morty's 1000th game for the Woodville Senators.  A huge crowd turned up expecting an exciting afternoon, and by crikey, they got it. The Mayor was there to present Keith with a plaque for the occasion, and plenty of past legends were in attendance.  So, Keith took the new ball and held them in check until he was relieved.  But then the fun started - bottom of the last with six runs to draw and seven to win.  The bench of past old hands came to the fore, and the likes of Behr, Marso, Flash, Derek all contributed to close the gap.  Arron hit an in the park home run, Shane Lodge crunched one over the third baseman and turned a sure double into a single, and then much to everyone's enjoyment Tim Russell hit one out to the right field fence and got to second whilst holding up his pants with one hand.  Somehow, amongst all this, the winning run came home, and celebrations began.  (Didn't stop early either) A great day, and played in great spirit by all.  Hits  :  Aaron Petros (HR) and singles to Derek Milne, Behr, Flash, Shane Lodge, double to Tim Russell, and a double and single to Garry Marsland.

DIVISION SEVEN     -     Won 8-0 over GGCD. Thanks to them for changing their fixture to play the game at Woodville so we could all enjoy Morty's 1000th. We were in control with Garry Marsland going the journey in a fine performance and hits were  :  Couz 3, Flash, Marso 2, Behr, Sully, Cam, Dornie 1.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE     -     Went to Sturt, and were beaten by only a couple of runs by the ladder leaders.  They will get their revenge this Friday evening at home against Port.  This will be a great night, with meals available, and after the game Gary will crank up his band and will play till late, either on the diamond if the weather permits, or inside if it rains.  All welcome !!

 U17  -  Had a rough game with Ash Miller and Harrison Kiss getting hits.  It's tough with eight.

U15  -  Lost to west Torrens 4-13.  Next week guys.

U9 (Peewee)  Travelled to Southern Districts only to be pipped 25-56.  Mums and Dads will be happy to know that no more marathon trips are on the agenda, as all games to follow are either at home or close by.

Round 8 - 24th & 25th November

DIVISION ONE     -     v Sturt @ Don Klaebe Field     25.11.18     Lost 7-12

Well, Theo belted a home run off the second pitch of the first inning last week, but he went one better this week, knocking one over off the first pitch which was the starting point for a fine dig by the Senators, amassing four runs, with Joshy Baker and Todd Dunstall and then Jack Higginbotham all contributing with the bat.  However we gave them back soon enough and the game settled down to a decent arm wrestle.  Young Jack settled down on the hill, and was eventually relieved by Gary with Andrew Chesterton finishing.  Jack was not finished with his contribution though, notching up five constructive hits for the game.  The Sturt big hitters wore us down in the end, and we left too many runs out there, but we certainly gave them a good contest - a far better effort and a win is certainly coming. 

Hits  :  Jack Higginbotham 5, Theo Lakmeche, Josh Baker, Todd Dunstall, Nathan Nicholson 1.

DIVISION TWO     -     v Sturt @ Don Klaebe Field     25.11.18     WON 9-8

Errors by both sides contributed to a lot of the scoring, and our winning walk off run was the result of a throwing error.  We hit well in the middle stages of the game and got to a 7-3 lead before letting them back and levelling at 8-8.  Big Kane and Troy Nicholson toiled away from the mound and both did good jobs, ahead of Todd ambling down the line to score the winning run.  Hits  :  Todd Dunstall, Tom Dineen, Jarrod Marsland & Andrew Chesterton one each.

DIVISION FOUR - Had a much better day than in previous weeks, and with Troy Kortekaas going the distance in the middle, lost narrowly 1-4 to Sturt.

DIVISION SIX  -  Went down to East Torrens 9-17 in Keith Mortimore's 999th game, a game that he came in as relieving pitcher after Craig Reval had done a grand job.  Don't forget Keith's 1000th at home next week (Dec 1st - at 12.30) - it does not happen every day.  Hits  :  Aaron Petros 3, Derek Milne 1.

DIVISION SEVEN  -  Lost their first game for the season, going down 3-6 to Sturt.  Uncharacteristic errors were the main problem, and not being able to back up the fine pitching of Sully, who had twelve strikeouts - mainly batters looking.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE  -  These boisterous ladies were seen to be feeling out the Henley girls early on, only to put the foot down when it counted, and then went powering home in a big way and recorded a convincing win 15-4.  Hits  :  Rachel Boers, Carley Moore, Meg Boers, Kerran Fry 1.  The battery of Veen to Moore is tight as, and the girls' defence in general is top stuff.

U17  -  Harrison Kiss had our only hit in this game which resulted in a 2-19 loss.  It's hard to knock off one of the better teams in the comp with only eight men.

U15  -  Lost 1-16 but a highlight was our shortstop, Toby Kortekaas, taking the catch (one out), stepping on the base (two out), and throwing to first (three out), but didn't get the triple play 'cause there was already one out!

U9 (peewee) - had a bye and couldn't keep their winning streak going, but travel to Southern Districts next week looking for a win. 

Round 7 - 17th & 18th November

DIVISION ONE     -     Away v Glenelg     Lost 2-3

We almost pulled this one off.  A very much improved effort all round, with Jordy going deep into the game and proving to be a handful for the Bays' bats.  But Theo provided the early excitement, putting one over off the second pitch of the game to set them back on their heels.  In the bottom of that dig, Gary took a great catch at centre-field and threw the guy out at first - a class play.  No score for a while until Wade hit to first, stole second and got home on Nat's hit - 2-0.  Glenelg equalled then got one in front and there was four scoreless innings until we came to the last.  Theo got on, so did Shane and Gary got caught on the fence.  Drat.  Hits  :  Theo Lakmeche (HR) 3, Shane Allen 2, Gary Owens, Wade Moore, Todd Dunstall, Nathan Nicholson 1.

DIVISION TWO     -     Away v Glenelg     Lost 1-7

Jack Higginbotham, in his best outing for the Club this season, left the game in the sixth at 1-1 having thrown only two walks.  The Bays made a few errors, but we were not able to make the most of our chances, leaving runners on base a few times.  Hits  :  Liam Huppatz 2, Wade Moore 1.

DIVISION FOUR     -     Had an unfortunate day and lost heavily.

DIVISION SIX     -     Played West Torrens, and with the wily veteran going the distance on the mound, lost 0-6.

DIVISION SEVEN     -     They just keep on keeping on and go on their winning way.  Garry Marsland pitched the game, and despite leaving a total of eleven runners out there, won 8-3 against Southern Districts.  Hits  :  all single hits to Rev, Cam, Nick McCormack, Flash, Scotty, Sully, James Stradling and Watto.

U17     -     two games played this week, a twilight on Thursday and the usual Sunday game.  They had a terrific barnstorming, come from behind, win against Northern Districts 11-10 on the Thursday with Joel Benham and Barry Eime getting hits and Ash Miller hitting a triple.  Not so lucky in the Sunday game, going down 5-16 to Golden Grove.  That win was the first for a while and showed great perseverance. 

U15     -     Another great win for this team, beating Southern Districts 10-7, and showing that with a bit of guts and determination, results come.

U9     -     The parents had to head up to Gawler to see the kids win 41-20.  Well done to all concerned  -  Doggy and his gang.

WOMAN'S LEAGUE     -     Away v Kensington     WON 9-7.

Comfortably in front all day, the girls let the Cardinals creep a bit closer in the end, but were not troubled, and had a good win.

Round 6 - 10th & 11th November

DIVISION ONE     v     Kensington @ Don Klaebe Field     Lost 2-12

The Cardinals made their intentions known straight away by knocking over a two run bomb in the first, but with hits to Shane Allen and Josh Baker we got one ourselves.  They showed their hitting strength again in the second with another homer, and we had four scoreless innings while they amassed plenty of solid hits to score runs consistently.  We tried hard to stem the flow and changed pitchers regularly - first Jordy, then Andrew Chesterton, Liam Huppatz and finally Troy Nicholson.  In the latter stages we loaded the bases twice to give the boys a bit of hope, but they stayed out there.  Hits  :  Shane Allen 2, Josh Baker, Troy Nicholson 1.

DIVISION TWO     v     Kensington @ Don Klaebe Field     WON 6-4

Young Jack Higginbotham started and threw a terrific six innings, the only flaw being allowing a two run homer in the fourth.  The boys picked that up two digs later when Travis Joblin's bunt put runners in good position and a Wade triple scored three, and Tom Dineen obliged  and got him home with a sac fly.  The Cards levelled but with good running and hitting, we managed a couple to pull away 6-4 winners.  Hits  :  Wade Moore 2, Andrew Chesterton 1.

DIVISION FOUR didn't have the best of days and lost 0-24 with David Lodge, Joel Benham and Josh Mignone each getting a hit.

DIVISION SIX  -  LOST 6-23 but with Jesse Whinnen starring once again going home run, triple and a single.  What ? no double.  Others to hit were Nick McCormack, James Stradling, Ryan Boers and Casey Moore one each.

DIVISION SEVEN  - Knocked off Port Adelaide 10-3 to keep their unbeaten run alive.  They were missing a few as well, so it was a good win with Knuckles Currie and Sully keeping their bats at bay.  Hits :  Lawrie Moore 3, Tim Fawcett, Nick McCormack (HR & triple) 2, Sully, James Stradling, Blake O'Brien and Shane Lodge 1.

JUNIORS     -     Both U17's and U15's lost 1-15 and 4-15.  PeeWee (u9) starts this Sunday with an 11.00 game away at Gawler.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE     -     Had a 4-9 loss to the experienced Goodwood team.  Loaded the bases a couple of times and looked to be in a good spot when bad light put an end to the game.  One poor inning did the trick and the girls held their own.     Hits  :  Carley Moore 2, Megan Boers,  Darna Veen (who pitched well) 1.

Round 5 - 3rd & 4th November

DIVISION ONE     Away v East Torrens (Game One)     lost 3-12

First pitch of the game plugged Theo in the back, but he got his revenge by crossing the plate on Gary's hit, and Gary scored after some sloppy d.  However, in reply, the Redsox got five in their first, and Nat Nicholson was brought on once again to relieve and stem the flow - two weeks in a row.  We let them keep scoring and they added a further couple in each innings due to an alarming number of basic errors, until Theo scored Todd but got stranded on third.  Troy Nicholson was called upon to close and did well.  Hits  :  Gary Owens 2, Theo Lakmeche, Shane Allen, Troy Nicholson, Nathan Nicholson, Todd Dunstall 1.

Game Two     -     Away v East Torrens     lost 1-5

With Jordy keeping their bats quiet, we seemed to approach this game in a far better frame of mind, and didn't let them get away until the fourth, when they started to see the ball hit the bat and scored four.  We loaded the bases in the sixth, and after Gary was ruled out at the plate, Wade scored on a passed ball.  Joshy Baker showed his talent prior to this by hitting to get on first then stealing second and third - all to no avail - he got left there.  Not bad for a bloke with a crook wrist.  A much better effort considering that a lot of the guys are playing out of position because of the circumstances that we are in at the moment.  Hits  :  Theo Lakmeche 2, Troy Nicholson, Josh Baker, Jimmy Chu 1.

DIVISION TWO    Away v East Torrens     lost 3-12

Got our first run in the second and the next in the fourth when Andrew Chesterton hit to right-field to score Jarod Marsland, but a poor inning from our boys saw them score heavily in the bottom of the fourth.  Jimmy Chu hit a nice double in the sixth and scored thanks to a passed ball.  Andrew Chesterton made way for Tom Dineen on the mound.  Hits  :  all one each to Matt Meugge, Jimmy Chu, Jarod Marsland, Andrew Chesterton.

DIVISION FOUR had a bye.

DIVISION SIX  had a very good win against Playford City at home 21-6 and amongst many highlights was Jesse Whinnen hitting the cycle - that is a hit to first, a hit to second, a hit to third and a home run. Nick McCormack pitched well, and hit two triples and two doubles and the others that got into the act were Dave Ding three for four with a home run, Derek Milne 3-5, Ryan Boers two doubles and Keith Mortimore 2-3.  Well done all.

DIVISION SEVEN -  Found the trip up to Northern Districts to their liking and recorded another win in their unbeaten run, this time 15-1. Behr pitched the entire game and Lawrie Moore went 4-4, Steve (the Hulk) Couzner 3, Rev 3, Behr 3, Cam 2, Flash 1, Knuckles Currie 1 & James (Dornie) Stradling 1.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE  -  The girls didn't like leaving the comfortable, familiar Clubrooms at Woodville and came home from the Bay with a 3-6 loss.  Back home this Friday with a Game against Goodwood at 6.15 with meals to follow and entertainment.  After all, it is Friday night.

U17's Had a 6-12 loss and the U15's lost also 0-17.

Round 4 - 27th & 28th October

DIVISION ONE     AWAY V Sth Districts  Game One of Double Header     Lost 2-18

After going down 1-2-3 in the first, we had to endure a fourteen batter innings from the opposition - nine runs.  Then in the second, same again, 1-2-3 but only (?) five runs this time. A huddle and a pep talk, and the bats started to talk with Jack Higginbotham starting us off, followed by Shane Allen and Gary, then Wade and Troy Nicho got into the act and we were looking lots better.  Our start was not helped by Joshy Baker breaking his wrist in the warm-up due to a faulty l-frame and shooting off to hospital - he will be out for a while.  Hits  :  Jack Higginbotham 2, Shane Allan, Gary Owens, Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson 1.

DIVISION ONE     AWAY V Sth Districts Game Two     Lost 4-6

The Hawks scored one in the first, and it was a tight game early with Jordy looking the goods on the mound.  We loaded the bases in the third but couldn't convert, and fell one more behind with a close call at the home plate.  Theo put one over off Brammer in the fifth to score two and tie the game, but, with Jordy off, they got four more in the next two digs which made us four down going into the last, and although we got two, just missed out.  A far better effort.  Hits  :  Theo Lakmeche (HR) 3, Shane Allen, Gary Owens 1.

DIVISION TWO     AWAY V Sth Districts     Lost 2-10

We started to hit in the early going, but gave up too many runs on errors - twice they loaded the bases because of this, which wasn't really helping our pitcher - Kane Razis - who was toiling manfully.  They brought on a relieving pitcher at the end and the boys got a couple off him.  Hits  :  Wade Moore, Travis Joblin 2,  Matt Muegge, Tom Dineen & Jarod Marsland 1.

DIV Four  -  Went down to a power packed Kensington team 2-6.  Lots of Div Three  boys in their team didn't help our cause.

DIV Six were very stiff going down to Henley 11-12, and DIV Seven just keep on going, this week knocking off Kensington 10-6 with the list of hitters reading like a who's who of the Senators.  Hits  :  Steve (the Hulk) Couzner, Rev, Cam, Knuckles Currie 2, Garry Marsland, Behr, Flash, James (Dornie) Stradling & Noel Watson 1.

 U17 played really well but unfortunately lost 3-4,  whilst the U15's lost 2-10.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE  -  The girls provided the highlight of the week with their inaugural foray into the competition winning 7-6 against last year's premiers,  The good crowd in attendance watched as the Mayor of The City of Charles Sturt threw out the first pitch, and then saw a very competent display of baseball from our girls,  who looked good in defence and with the bat.  Their attitude on the bench was fantastic, and the battery of Veen to Moore was terrific.  Hits  : Carley Moore, Leah Turn 2, Kenzi St. George, Tam Benham 1.


Round 3 - 20th & 21st October


Away v Adelaide     Lost 7-10

Gary, having finished his stint in Germany, made a welcome return albeit a touch jet-lagged.  We made the early going with Shane Allen's triple in the second scoring Kane Razis, and getting home himself on a passed ball.  But then the third dig proved huge for both teams, with Gary and Theo both hitting to load the bases and Nathan Nicholson scoring two, before poor Adelaide defence enabled us to score two more.  Not to be outdone, the Angels' then put up a good hitting innings and put on four themselves.  Jordy was forced to sit it out and Andy Chesterton took over and kept them quiet until they got three more in the fifth.  Joshy Baker got Theo home next dig and a fightback was looming, but we left too many out there, and Kane came on to close.  We needed three to tie in the last, but went down swinging.  Hits  :  Theo Lakmeche 4, Shane Allen 2, Gary Owens, Kane Razis 1.


Away v Adelaide     WON 3-0

After drawing the game last weekend that we should have won, feelings were running high, and when the Coach rocked up you could see the boys' lift.  A classy double play closed out Adelaide's second, and then Troy Nicholson doubled and was brought home by a Razis double. We looked in a bit of strife in the fifth with bases loaded, but a putout at home and then a double play put paid to that. Troy came off the mound after six solid innings, replaced by Tom Dineen who threw well until Jack Higginbotham closed. The icing on the cake was Wade hitting and then stealing second and then third, only to score on Kane's sac fly.  Hits  :  Wade Moore, Kane Razis 2, Troy Nicholson, Nathan Nicholson, Jarod Marsland (yes ! Jarod Marsland) 1.

DIVISION FOUR and DIVISION SIX both had losses, the fours 0-23 and the sixers 2-17 but with some good hitting, with Flash getting three, and one each to Aaron Petros, Craig Mortimore, Carly Moore, Nick McCormack and Ding.

 DIVISION SEVEN  -  What can you say - another game - another win.  This time a 12-3 victory.  This week the hits came from Steve (the Hulk) Couzner 3, Gary Marsland, Cam Britcher, Nick McCormack 2, Rev and James (Dornie) Straddling one each.

JUNIORS  -  Both of our teams in the junior grades were defeated  -  the U17's lost 3-9 and the U15's 4-17.


Round 2 - 13th & 14th October


Away v Goodwood          Lost 1-6

The game began in a very tight fashion, with both pitchers giving nothing away, but Jordy gave up a run in the second to start them on their way.  We were giving their pitcher an easy ride in the middle stages, having very short stays in the batting box, but a Troy Nicholson sac fly scored birthday boy Jesse T in what was a much better innings.  The Indians' defence proved a tough nut to crack, and they continued to score the odd run with consistent hitting.  Jordy put in a good effort for four solid innings, and Kane Razis did his bit, followed by Troy Nicholson.  All is not lost, and all in all, it was a pretty good outing against the reigning premiers.  Hits : Todd Dunstall 2, Theo Lakmeche 1.


Away v Goodwood          Draw 10-10

We welcomed Andrew Chesterton to the Club who, in his debut, threw a creditable four innings and left the mound with the team in a good position.  We batted well and were terrific in defence and had a nice lead going, but we let them back in at the death and they were able to draw the game in the last.  Hits : Vic Benveltzen 3, Kane Razis, Tom Dineen, Jack Higginbotham 2, Wade Moore, Travis Joblin 1.


At Don Klaebe Field v H & G         Lost 8-22

We were able to hold them in check for the first half, but couldn't sustain the pressure.  Hits : Troy Kortekaas, Boden, Benham and Mignone one each.

DIVISION SIX Went up to do battle with Kensington, and came away with a 6-12 loss.

DIVISION SEVEN Just kept going on their winning way and recorded an 8-3 victory over Golden Grove.

U17  -  First up game for the season and lost 1-13

U15  -  Battled the thunder and lightning as well as the opposition and fell to a 3-7 defeat.


Round 1 - 6th & 7th October


V Glenelg at Don Klaebe Field   Lost 3-9

On a bright sunny afternoon, a good crowd turned out to watch the opening round of the season.  We fielded a new look team, having lost quite a few of last year's stalwarts for various reasons, so it is onwards and upwards from here with a youthful side and a good attitude.  We welcome Theo Lakmeche from France -who looked comfortable behind the plate - Joshy Baker after a break, James Chu (new), Jesse Toepher (div 3), Tom Dineen, and a host of juniors eager to establish themselves.  When his commitments in Germany are over, Coach Gary Owens will be a great inclusion.  Jordy Grose (almost a veteran now) took the new ball and threw five solid innings with the Nicholson brothers combining to finish off. Most of the Bay's runs came courtesy of home runs as both sides amassed eleven hits apiece for the game with Wade and Joshy hitting nice doubles.  Jesse to Theo to Wade at first completed an outstanding double play.  Whilst it was disappointing to lose, there are signs of things to come.  Hits : Wade Moore, Shane Allen 2, one each to Todd Dunstall, Theo Lakmeche, Troy Nicholson, Josh Baker, James Chu, Jesse Toepher, Tom Dineen.


V Glenelg at Don Klaebe Field  Lost 1-16

This team bears little resemblance to last year's finals team, as we were forced to stock it with plenty of juniors having a taste of senior ball.  Great experience for them, which will hold them in good stead for the future.  Wade Moore and Harrison Kiss recorded hits, and we used a few pitchers during the game.


Went out to East Torrens and couldn't bring home the bikkies - lost 3-8


Played at home and went down 2-15.  Timmy Fawcett got two hits, and Keith Mortimore, Derek Milne and James Stradling got one each.


The guys started their premiership campaign by soundly beating the Bays 18-3 with Gary Marsland and Sully producing the goods from the mound.  Hits aplenty with Couzner bagging three, Reval, Behr, Flash, Marso the younger and Sully two each, with McCormick and Scotty Currie chiming in with one each.

Juniors kicking off next week.